Thanks to research and exposure from the media, mindfulness is no longer hidden in ancient spiritual texts, monasteries and ashrams. Today, it is practised by millions of people the world over.

It is now being taught in schools, in workplaces, in hospitals and in homes all over the world. As people continue to discover for themselves the incredible benefits of living mindfully, the interest continues to skyrocket.

There is now a huge body of research on the benefits of mindfulness.

Here are some of the proven ways that mindfulness can benefit you:

-Mindfulness reduces stressanxiety and other destructive emotions . (Mindfulness actually shrinks the brain’s “fight or flight” centre, the amygdala. This primal region of the brain, associated with fear and emotion, is involved in the initiation of the body’s response to stress.; this is the part of the brain responsible for so many destructive emotions like fear, unhappiness and anger.)

-Mindfulness reduces depression (clinical trials are showing that mindfulness is as effective as medication with no side effects!).

-Mindfulness reduces insomnia , increases your sense of well being , reduces lethargy and increases energy both mentally and physically.

-Mindfulness is also very effective for pain management.

-Mindfulness sharpens your memory and increases your focus and attention .

-Mindfulness improves your emotional and social intelligence and develops your empathy and compassion . It is also shown to improve relationships

-Mindfulness improves health and boosts immunity . In fact, mindfulness is shown to have beneficial effects on many serious illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.

-Mindfulness creates clearer, more focused thinking and improves efficiency at work and at home.

-Mindfulness improves confidence and emotional resilience .

-Mindfulness reduces compulsive and addictive tendencies and has also been shown to work better than any diet for effective long-term weight loss .

-Mindfulness turns out to also be the single most important determining factor in whether or not you will be happy in your life (once your survival needs are met).

In other words, the more mindful you are the happier you are

Mindfulness can literally transform your entire world from the inside out and for the millions of mindfulness practitioners around the world it’s doing just that!

If you haven’t already, why not find out for yourself, first hand, what it’s all about?

You might just discover the most incredible and wonderful surprise. That everything you’ve been searching for ‘out there’ — feelings of fulfilment, peace and wholeness — have been within you all along.