Do you find thoughts intrude on you when you’re thinking about something else?

Do you have nightmares? Do you ever re-experience the traumatic event almost as if it is happening again?

Or perhaps memories of the trauma feel really recent when the memories come to mind even if it happened a long time ago. You may be undergoing Trauma and it needs to be treated.

Post-traumatic stress disorder, with all its horrible flashbacks, nightmares, and life disruptions doesn’t just affect the lives of returning military personnel. Men, women and children in any and all walks of life, suffer the kind of shock that can lead to persistent horror during their waking and sleeping moments. Through no fault of their own, millions of people right now are suffering terror on a daily basis from events that sometimes happened years before. The ripple effect of unresolved trauma involves a sense of overpowering helplessness, which can precipitate depression. Helping some depressed people feel de-traumatised can carry them a long way towards coming out of depression in those instances.

Traumatic memories don’t tend to fade like ‘normal’ memories…until they are processed properly. Maybe certain things kind of remind you of that time and bring some of those feelings back? One employee had been so badly shouted at by her boss in front of other staff members and bullied so often psychologically that she was traumatised by it and her flashbacks were as bad as the man who saw his best friend die in the killing fields of Vietnam. Know that you can be helped even though you may not even know exactly what the trauma was.

I use an approach called the Rewind Technique which is a fast and painless way to help with this. In the therapeutic world, it has been hailed as a bit of a miracle cure as practitioners have discovered just how effective it is to treat trauma and the research studies are now coming out which back that up.

Read our blog on “How trauma becomes established in the brain” in the first place to get. A better understanding.